I draw from my diverse experiences as a lawyer and a political advisor the ability to decipher intrigated situations, combining an influent network, investigations with deep knowledge of policy and policymakers. This enables me to provide novel solutions to my clients’ toughest problems, successfully try their toughest cases and deliver practical advice of the highest quality.

My main field of expertise lays in the field of the European Defence Policy : European Defence Fund

  • European Defence Research Programme

  • Defence Procurement Directive

  • Permanent Structured Cooperation [PESCO]

  • Defence planning

  • Offsets

Last interventions

What place for national sovereignty in the European defence ? IHEDN Jeunes Webconférence 04/12/2020 (in French)
slides  -   text

Research, Innovation, Sovereignty and European Values - CLORA (Club des Organismes européens de recherche)
Webinar 27/10/2020 - Brussels

European Defence: cooperation versus integration - CDU working group on security and defence - Brussels 12/03/2020 (closed seminar) [keynote speaker]


This House supports/does not support a European army -  College of Europe - Natolin 11/02/2020 [Oxford style dispute]


Autonomie stratégique : faut-il choisir entre l’Europe et l’OTAN ? Groupe de recherche sur l'avenir du service public (GRASPE) - Brussels 04/02/2020 (public conference)[speaker]


Autonomie stratégique : faut-il choisir entre l’Europe et l’OTAN ? Ecole Nationale d'administration - Strasbourg 14/01/2020 (conference) [speaker]

Academics as soldiers? Is defence related research a scandal or a duty? - Fondation Universitaire Egmont -Brussels 05/12/2019 (public conference)  [speaker]


Debating Strategic Autonomy as a European ambition - IFRI - French Institute of International Relations - Security Studies Center Paris 03/12/2019 (closed seminar) [speaker]

Prospects of a European Army: Fantasy or Solution? -  IFAT Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade  - Budapest 05/11/2019  


European defence: challenges ahead -   Working Group on Space, Security & Defence, Kangaroo Group Brussels -  European Parliament 14/05/2019 (closed seminar) [speaker]

L'armée européenne : mythe ou réalité - Paris - Airbus (closed seminar) 03/10/2019 [keynote speaker] 

Pour une définition de l'autonomie stratégique - leçon inaugurale de la 56ème session nationale de l'IHEDN Armement et économie de la défense - Ecole militaire  Paris 26/09/2019  [lecturer]

Towards a European army: dream or reality - The young Federalists - Ortenberg castle - Bavaria 14/06/2019  [Speaker]


European Sovereignty - Paris EU-ISS  le 14/05/2019 (closed seminar) 

La défense européenne - hearing behind closed doors with Senators Ronand Le Gleut and Hélène Conway-Mouret French Senate  Paris 15/05/2019


Les entretiens de la défense européenne - Sorbonne University -  Paris 16/05/2019 (public conference) [speaker and organiser] 

Comparison of the NATO defence planning process and European defence planning process (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker for Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe ka ASD 11/03/2019 ASD Brussels]

Les planifications de défense en Europe (public conference)

[Lecturer – Académie royale de Belgique - collège Belgique – cycle of five lessons 21/02/2019]


European Defence: from Cooperation to Integration? (closed seminar)

[Speaker for the European Security and Defence College / Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale 20/02/2019 European Commission conference center]

Budgetary framework: the European Defence Fund and EU budget for civilian CSDP (closed seminar)

[Speaker for the European Security and Defence College / Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale 19/02/2019 European Commission conference center]

European army: better chances without the UK? (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker for the Working Group on Space, Security & Defence, ka Kangaroo Group 19/02/2019 European Parliament]


The concept of strategic autonomy (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker for the French civilian reserve 18/02/2019 RPFUE]


Les entretiens de la défense européenne(public conference)

[Organiser and speaker 01/06/2018 La Sorbonne]            


PESCO Sleeping Beauty… or Cinderella (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker 20/03/2018  German Reservist Working Group]


PESCO (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker 05/02/2018 AFFCE – Association des Français et Françaises de la Communauté européeene]


Strengthening Europe’s Defence industrial and technological base - The future of industrial defence policy (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker 19/02/2018 Long-term investment Intergroup – European Parliament]


The EDIDP state of play (public hearing before the ITRE Committee of the European Parliament)

[Invited panelist 22/01/2018 European Parliament]


PESCO : où en sommes-nous ? (public conference)

[Invited pannelist for the Centre de recherches Jean Gol – 12/09/2017 – Palais d’Egmont]


European defence: state of play (public conference)

[Invited pannelist for the ABCD Annual Baltic Conference on Defence – 6/09/2017 – Tallinn]


The full energizing of the Lisbon treaty in the field of defence (closed seminar) 

[Keynote speaker 17/03/2017 at the invitation of the Estonian Ministry of defence]


The full energizing of Article 42 of the Treaty on the European Union (open seminar)

[Invited speaker 30/11/2016 'European Defence Union: Building a smart Integration process'​organized by the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe - European Parliament]


The future European Defence Research Programme (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker 22/11/2016 RISET (Research and Innovation on Security Related Topics) and CLORA (Club des organismes de recherche associés) Brussels]


Offsets in the field of defence – the rules of the game, the spirit of the laws and the foreseeable future (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker for ECCO- EURONAVAL 21/10/2016 RPFUE]


Security & Defence R&D: how can we make Europe safer (public conference)

[Invited panelist 12/10/2016 Science & Business conference]


Le futur de la défense de recherche européenne (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker for the French civilian reserve 18/02/2016 RPFUE]


Le futur de la défense de recherche en Europe (closed seminar)

[Keynote speaker 16/04/2016 Collège de l’Europe - Bruges]