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[FR] European defence: promises and illusions - Eurodefense letter 27 December 
[FR] European defence: mourning England - IRIS December 20
[EN] NATO is dead, but Europe is sick - IRIS November 21
Reforming NATO to save the Alliance - IRIS Analysis 17 June
[FR] Towards a European army (with others) - Les Echos May 14 
[ENEuropean army: a vital debate - European
Security and Defence Union ed 1/2019  
[FR] Defending Europe - a plea for the European army (with Olivier Jehin) - Book - Editions Nuvis - April 2019
[FR] European defence between cooperation and integration: From CSDP to the European army - Revue de la Défense Nationale (RDN) - April 3rd
[FR] A plea for the European army (with Olivier Jehin)-  La Croix  - March 29
[FR]The European army - series of five published op-eds
 (with Olivier Jehin) published both in IRIS and GRIP  
     Why do we need a European army? IRIS  GRIP January 31
     A European army to do what? IRIS GRIP February 4

     A European army in what framework? 
IRIS GRIP February 7
     A European army with whom? IRIS GRIP February 11
     A European army in what form? IRIS  GRIP February 13  
[FR]  Brexit won't least not right away L’Echo January 9
[FR] European army: the vital debate (with Olivier Jehin) - L'Opinion -  January 4  Le Soir   January 8
[ENThe  European Union White book on defence process - s
tudy for the European Parliament January 8
  video [FR] slides [EN] transcript [FR]

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